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Behind the Scenes: The Armand Black Jumpsuit

Armand jumpsuit
The Armand Black Jumpsuit was created based off of a hand drawn designs that I developed in the studio before sending them out to be applied to the jumpsuits themselves. These designs were created to add additional depth and visual texture to the jumpsuits and to give them a uniquely nuanced feel. The result is an intriguing set of patterns that add to the elegance of the piece—one that I’ve come to greatly enjoy. 
Before applying the designs physically, we created digital copies of the designs which we then applied in sequence in order to anticipate how the repeating patterns would look lined up next to each other.
After some adjustment to get the spacing between the patterns right, we were ready to enter the next phase. 
In order to create the designs, we needed to have wooden blocks carved by hand that would be used to stamp the designs into the fabric.
These wooden blocks were carved by artisans in India over the course of three weeks, after which they were used to begin production of the patterned fabrics. 
The blocks are then used to stamp the design into the fabric, taking care to get the alignment of the design just right, so as not to leave large gaps between areas or overlap design sections.
From there, the patterned fabrics are used to create the final form for the jumpers. Pieces of fabric are sewn and hemmed around the edges as the jumper begins to take shape. The result is a super comfy and versatile piece of clothing—and one of my favorites to wear!