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Large Pink / Red Cloudy blanket

Large Pink / Red Cloudy blanket

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Hand dyed in pink pastel with a touch of hot pink stitching, each blanket is unique, pre-washed and ready to be loved.

The fabric is designed by Happy French Gang and weaved with an 100% heavy natural cotton in India. It means that this cotton was grown in a reasoned way, with less pesticide compared to traditional culture, highly polluting.

Size: 80x60 inches - 205x155 cm

Use it: 
- as a picnic blanket 
- a complementary blanket for a children bed, twin bed 
- a blanket for a couch 
- a playmat blanket to protect the babies from the floor. 
- a beach blanket

Made in San Francisco, California.
Material: 100% natural cotton. 
Size: 80x60 inches - 205x155 cm
Care: washing machine + dryer

For custom orders, please contact us directly.